Stock News Now features discussion with Dr. Gupta, CEO of Globavir Biosciences

Sept 26, 2014

Stock News Now recently interviewed Dr. Shalabh Gupta, Globavir's President and CEO, at the Aegis Capital Corp. Healthcare & Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV. During the interview, Dr. Gupta provides an update on Globavir's therapeutic candidates for Ebola and Dengue virus, and outlines the potential advantages of Globavir's drugs over other experimental therapies. An excerpt from the interview describes one of these advantages:

"One of the challenges for many of these virus infections is that viruses that are smarter than the pharmaceutical companies, by the time companies figure out one way to treat a virus – virus mutated. Our drugs work at the human cell level, it does not matter how quickly the virus is mutating, they are still able to work while other drugs do not work."

The full video may be viewed below, or on YouTube at

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