Aug 18,2014

Globavir Bioscience's President and CEO, Dr. Shalabh Gupta, was recently interviewed by BioWorld Today. Dr. Gupta explains the potential application of Globavir's lead therapeutic compound, GBV006, in combating Ebola virus infection and the outbreak in Africa; and he further describes the use Globavir's proprietary research platform in identifying future therapeutic candidates.

GBV006, has demonstrated efficacy in experimental models of Ebola infection, and since it is a combination of two previously approved drugs, challenges related to safety and supply of the drug are minimal. As BioWorld reports in regards to the safety of the drugs comprising GBV006,

"With a therapy that combines familiar drugs, 'whatever their safety issues are, at least we know, in hundreds of thousands of patients,' Gupta pointed out. 'We know how to use those drugs.'"

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