Globavir’s best-in-class infectious disease diagnostics pave the way for more accurate diagnosis

PanGlobTM (PG1)

Yes or No test for Dengue

A new and significantly improved rRT-PCR test with highest sensitivity and specificity than currently available tests.

Regulatory status: CE IVD and approved for sale in Europe and India

MulGlobTM (MG1)

First and only available assay to detect multiple pathogens in one test

MulGlob 1 (MG1), can detect Dengue fever, Malaria (including Plasmodium falciparum) and Leptospirosis in one test, with the capability to include various other infectious diseases.

DenGlobTM (DG1)

First and only test that can detect all four serotypes in a single test and provide Quantitative Information on Viral Load

All other tests regardless of techniques tell 'yes' or 'no' on whether a patient has dengue fever. DG1 can quantify viral load - this has potential to divide patients in to - mild, moderate, and severe based on viral load, and help in objectively stratifying patients.