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Achieved News (Globavir in News)

March 23, 2015

Globavir has announced a partnership with BioManguinhos for the joint evaluation of Globavir's PanGlob RT-PCR Dengue diagnostic assay. Globavir and BioManguinhos will work together in evaluating the impact of PanGlob's superior sensitivity towards improving public health in Brazil.

Sept 26, 2014

Stock News Now recently interviewed Dr. Shalabh Gupta, Globavir's President and CEO, at the Aegis Capital Corp. Healthcare & Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV. During the interview, Dr. Gupta provides an update on Globavir's therapeutic candidates for Ebola and Dengue virus, and outlines the potential advantages of Globavir's drugs over other experimental therapies.

Aug 18,2014

Mountain View, CA - Globavir Biosciences, Inc. ("Globavir"), a biotechnology company developing therapeutics to treat infectious diseases, has announced intentions to develop its lead drug candidate, GBV006, for the treatment of the current Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa. Globavir will seek approval for the use of GBV006, a combination of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs,

Aug 18,2014

Following the issuance of Globavir's press release announcing the companies intention to develop its lead drug candidate, GBV006, for the treatment of Ebola, Shalabh Gupta (President & CEO) was interviewed by Sasha Damouni of Bloomberg First Word. Bloomberg First Word is news wire service used by investment analysts to quickly obtain relevant and summarized news content on companies.

Aug 18,2014

Globavir Bioscience's recent announcement regarding the development of its lead therapeutic candidate, GBV006, has drawn attention from several media outlets, including MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and other outlets. GBV006, which is a combination of two approved drugs and has demonstrated efficacy in models of Ebola infection, has the potential to be rapidly distributed in combatting the current outbreak in Africa.

Aug 18,2014

Globavir Bioscience's President and CEO, Dr. Shalabh Gupta, was recently interviewed by BioWorld Today. Dr. Gupta explains the potential application of Globavir's lead therapeutic compound, GBV006, in combating Ebola virus infection and the outbreak in Africa; and he further describes the use Globavir's proprietary research platform in identifying future therapeutic candidates.

May 17,2014

Globavir Biosciences Inc successfully pitched and won a The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE50) award at the 2014 TiE conference held at the Santa Clara Convention Centre on May 16th and 17th 2014. Globavir's presentation outlined the companies focus to bring diagnostic and therapeutic technology for infectious disease indications such as Dengue Fever, Ebola, etc….